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This easy-to-use module allows you to report back your Virtuemart transactions to Google Analytics!Module features:

  • tracking of the pages of the ordering process (from cart to checkout goal page)
  • selection of arbitrary page names for the setup of Google Analytics Goals and Funnels
  • automatic handling of payment methods provided by Virtuemart
  • parameters for handling other payment modules
  • tracking of your orders for Google Analytics E-Commerce
  • tracking of products (incl. child products)
  • tracking of user IDs
  • extended support for external payment providers
  • tracking of all (non-Virtuemart) pages of your site
  • report of anonymized ip adresses of your visitors (optional)
  • check for Google Optout Cookie
  • asynchronous data transfer (recommended by Google)

System requirements: Joomla! 1.5/1.7/2.5, Virtuemart 1.1/2.x

Supported languages: german, english

Please unpack the zip-file on your local computer. The module is installed via the Jooma! installer. The included installation.pdf explains how to set up Google Analytics.