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Version 3.1.0

Need an overview of the most popular products of your online shop at a glance? BIT Virtuemart Most Popular lists the best selling/most viewed products in Joomla's control panel. The module

  • counts the views/clicks of your products
  • counts the sales of your prdoucts
  • handles products with variants (child products)
  • lists the most popular products together with their views, sales and categories in Joomla!'s control panel (cpanel)

Parameters that can be set in the module's backend:

  • number of listed products
  • handling of child products (list them separately or sum up their sales and views)
  • primary order (sales or views)
  • evaluation of the module (immediate or delayed)

The handling of child products and the primary order can also be set for each evaluation in the control panel, so that you can gain different analyses.

Supported languages: english, german

System requirements: Joomla 2.5/3, Virtuemart 2.x/3.x

Please unpack the zip-file on your local computer. The included readme.txt contains a description of the necessary installation steps.