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BIT Contact Form


This template override enhances the default contact form of Joomla's contact component by various features. This may eliminate the need of a special from component in many cases.

The override includes the following features:

  • the Captcha field is moved at the end of the form
  • mandatory fields of the default contact form may be hidden for visitors of the site
  • created custom fields may be positioned individually in the form
  • send button can have a different text
  • field legends may be hidden

In order to use the features you only have to set some variables at the beginning of the override file. This allows also non-programmers to adjust the form individually.


Version: 1.0.0

System requirements: Joomla! 3.x (3.7 or later)

Please unpack the zip-file on your local computer. The included readme.pdf contains a description of the setup.


Tip: for those of you who feel uncomfortable editing source code or who need several different forms, this extension might be an alternative: BIT FLexContact