An dieser Stelle sammeln und veröffentlichen wir Erfahrungen und Einblicke aus unserer Arbeit. Dies können kleine Code-Schnipsel, bugs und deren mögliche Behebung oder kleine Kniffe sein, mit denen das (Programmier-)leben leichter wird. Vielleicht hilft das Geplauder aus dem Nähkästchen ja dem ein oder anderen.

For a very long time Joomla! contains a contact component which includes a contact form. Using the fairly new Custom Fields - especially combined with template overrides - this contact form can be used to send flexibel forms for all purposes.

But writing overrides is not everyone's cup of tea ...

With the introduction of custom fields standard Joomla! contact forms can be enhanced by various fields.

What we were missing though was the option to add a checkbox including a link.

Shops with many products with variants often face the problem that the removal of products can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming.

Before removing the main products all variants have to be deleted. Only then you'll be able to remove the main product as well. If you try to delete a product with variants directly, you'll get an error message ...

In Virtuemart3 there is no separate login module but only the general Joomla! Login.

By clicking on the link "Create an account" users are directed to the general Joomla! registration form and not to Virtuemart's registration form. In most cases this is not desirable because the Joomla! form doesn't contain Virtuemart's shopper fields.

If you're going to setup tax rules that are applied depending on the customer's country, you'll probably run into problems if you would like to allow guest checkout.

Manchmal macht es Sinn, das Fenster des Editors im Backend mit CSS zu gestalten. So kann man z.B. Probleme wie "helle Schrift auf hellem Hintergrund" vermeiden.