For a very long time Joomla! contains a contact component which includes a contact form. Using the fairly new Custom Fields - especially combined with template overrides - this contact form can be used to send flexibel forms for all purposes.

But writing overrides is not everyone's cup of tea ...

Whereas Custom Fields are easy to use for everyone, the writing of suitable overrides is hardly possible without any PHP knowledge.

Available overrides as e.g. my Kontaktformular mit Captcha am Ende partially solve the problems, but usually don't offer a simple method of combining several adjustments.

We therefore developped a more flexible template override where several adjustments can be combined without any programming knowledge.

These are the most important features of the override:

  • hiding and presetting of mandatory system fields
    individual fields like e.g. "subject" can be preset and hidden
  • individual positioning of Custom Fields
    the order of custom fields can be exactly set

Using these features Joomla's contact form can result in a reservation form, a support request or an application form. There are many possibilites.

Thanks to this flexibility we can do without any special form component in many cases. Instead, we can work with standard Joomla! means.


You can download our override here:  BIT Contact Form - free download


For those of you who feel uncomfortable editing source code or who need several different forms, this extension might be an alternative:
BIT FLexContact
Here you can do the setup in the backend of Joomla!.